Better software and database design benefits both programmers and businesses.

Good software design can never overcome a poorly designed database, and is doomed from the start.  Bad software design on top of a good database is unreliable, but at least it can be fixed.

Both of these situations are costly for businesses in terms of maintenance and redesign costs.  They are also both frustrating for programmers trying to make them work and keep them updated.  Ideally, we want good software design on top of a good database.

This blog talks about both.

Client Comments

I was team lead when we brought in Phillip to help us support a legacy suite of applications built with a mix of Classic ASP and .Net. Phillip was able to quickly get up to speed on the “interesting” technology mix and became an important member of the team. On the personal side, he is […]

Shane Courtrille

We had a very complex and large application suite that was developed over a decade by multiple developers. We had various developers trying to support this application suite, but they all struggled and ended up causing more issues by implementing their changes. This continued on for a few years until Phillip came onboard. He was […]

Mina Gould